Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tapestry - Ceuz d'Areia - Portugal

Portuguese tapestry is characterized by its exuberant decorative variety, and represents one of the most characteristic craft demonstrations in the country – Arraiolos and Beiriz are two of the most famous Portuguese Tapestries.
We experienced this valuable Portuguese art and discovered that we are able to make beautiful carpets…

Pottery - Cruz d'Areia - Portugal


Man works clay since pre-history.
With the Portuguese Discoveries, through contact with the East, the Portuguese people refined this art and became specialists in the manufacture of ceramics.
Porcelain from “Vista Alegre” factory and ceramics from Coimbra, Caldas da Rainha, Mafra or Viana do Castelo, enchant tourists visiting Portugal.
Inspired by this wonderful Portuguese tradition, we built a beautiful present to offer Mummy.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

On-going and Up-coming activities

Some of Turkish Handmades...

In Ibrahim Karaoglanoglu Primary School; Teachers and Students have done many prepatory works about the Culture Project. Some of them are below;
+ kına gecesi (before wedding ceremony)
+ msn communications
+ food
+ folklor
+ competitions
+ meetings
+ visits to local and regional, historical and cultural centres
+ exhibitions
+ seminars
+ teathers and movies
+ small movie contest
+ workshops
+ inclass activities
+ creative problem solving strategy activities
+ music performances
Its photos are coming...

Monday, 3 May 2010


- Veterans
- Brotherhood of knights
- Angel of XXI century
- Christmas card
- Knowledge of the region
- Small forum
- Spooks
- Harvest festival
Class meetings:
- Christmas Eve
- Santa Claus’ Day
- St. Andrew’s Day
Collecting of souvenirs:
- Regional chamber
- Military room
- History room
Parade of carnival masqueraders on the occasion of “The days of Będzin”
- theatre groups (“Herody”, “Jasełka”- nativity play)
- musial bands (Christmas carols)
- Christmas crib
- Easter ornaments
- Painting on glass
- Butter making
- Hay products
- “Water queen” – Marzanna (a human-size doll, a symbol of winter; we burn it and put into a river; we farwell winter in this way)
- Raid to the St. Dorothy’s mountain
- Route of the Hussars Knights (Polish army clad in armour with wings)