Saturday, 21 August 2010

Classes 8. are in the Nursery

The end of the year our oldest students, classes 8, went to the nursery to spend some time with the little children. They help them during the afternoons to draw,to cut and to make beautiful things.
Of course, they loved playing toghether too.:)

Drawing Competition: Botond-legend

We have participated in a drawing competition. The theme was a Hungarian legend hero called Botond. Look at the story of him and enjoy the best pictures.

"Botond megöli a Görög vitézt

A középkori krónikákban is feljegyzettek szerint a Bizánc kapui elé vonuló magyarok elé kiállt egy hatalmas termetű görög vitéz, aki kijelentette, hogy ha őt két magyar legyőzi, a görög császár adót fog fizetni a magyaroknak. A görög ellen a kis termetű Botond állt ki a magyarok közül, aki előbb Apor vezér utasítására bárdjával bevágta Bizánc érckapuját, akkora rést vágva rajta, melyen egy gyermek ki- és bejárhatott, majd egyórás küzdelem után megölte ellenfelét.

Botond killed the Greek warrior

According to the medieval chronicles, when Hungarians marched in front of the gates of Byzantium, a giant Greek warrior stood against them. He declared that if he defeats two Hungarian soldiers, Greek emperor will pay taxes for the Hungarians. The small Botond stood up against the giant warrior from the Hungarians. Botond first got an instruction from Apor leader to hit the Byzantium’s brass door and he did. He cut a big hole into it, so a child could go in and out and then with a one hour fighting Botond won and killed his Greek enemy."

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Portugal Reminders

After a few months we are still talking about the wonderful week we spent in Leiria, Portugal.
We have decided to choose some pictures from the hundreds to say thank you again your hospitality.
Lots of love:
Judit, Katalin, Ildikó, Ágnes, Tünde, Diána, András and István

Folkmusic Singers' Competition

In this schoolyear was the second time when we organized the Folkmusic Singer's Competition. Every classes from the nursery to the upper classes sang beautiful traditional songs together.
Into the jury our principal invited a famous folkmusic singer, Mária Mackó, who lives close to Gödöllő. She was very happy to hear such wonderful songs from children, especially from whole classes. The jury liked the extra dances and funny performances very much. Finally, Mária gave nice glazed ceramic presents to the winner classes.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The local folk museum in Tura

Tura is a nice little town about 30 km far from Gödöllő. With some students we visited the local folk museum which is situated in the centre of Tura, inside a typical cottage.
We got some information about the life of our ancestors. It was really interesting. Just for fun, a boy and a girl got dressed in a day-wear folk costume.

Puppet Museum

These pictures were taken near Hungary's highest peak,called Mátra. Our students visited a Puppet Museum full of cute dolls dressed in wonderful national folk costumes.
Enjoy the pictures!:)

Folk Traditions in Hungary

If you would like to know more about Hungarian folk costumes, embroidery, architecture, furniture, instruments...etc. we recommend to look at these pictures.
The architectural models and posters are made by children from Class 6.