Friday, 3 June 2011

Ability or disability

"Playing, amusement, training, employment, equal opportunities. Disability – from another point of view

Ability Park - a thematic amusement park that received national and international awards - is to help people get acquainted with the life of people with disabilities in an interactive and entertaining fashion that facilitates social inclusion. The idea behind our enterprise is to shift social attitude and offer a meaningful and pleasant experience through games led by people with disabilities to all visitors who wish to play, have a good time and test their abilities."

Yes, we all tested our abilities and it was a great experience to try out the everyday life of people with disabilities. They were all very kind and friendly to show us how they live. Thank you!

Enjoy your meal! 2.

Enjoy your meal!:)

Every school year the children have opportunities to try making, baking or cooking delicious and healthy food. This time the younger students prepared some salads which were easy to make. The members of the upper classes could cook some food from typical hungarian recipes and also some trendy ones, too.

After cooking everybody was full, of course, not just the chefs(children) but also the judges(teachers).

Enjoy the food by pictures:)

The Factory of Energy

Welcome to Paks Nuclear Power Plant!

On 13 May 7.a class with 20 students and 4 teachers travelled to Pask to visit Nuclear Power Plant. During the science, chemistry and physics lessons they have already learned about the energy so this was the time they could gain experience about the method in pracice.

The company, as a member of the Hungarian Power Company Group, is the major participant of home electric power production. As they are a prominent participant on the Hungarian electric power market, the primary goal during the production is to ensure the reliable and cheap electricity supply of home consumers, in line with the protection of the environment and the atmosphere of the Earth, fostering sustainable development.