Sunday, 31 January 2010


In our school we have conducted the competition for the best poem. Our students were so interesed in the event that we had to prolong the deadline twice! Some pupils have written even two poems! It appears that we have several categories: school, jokes, christmas and Valentine's day, but the first award was given to the poem „My nation”

1.„My nation” by Kasia Gruszka Ic
2„Silent night” by Olga Hetman IIIa
3.„School” by Karolina Cieślar Ib

My nation is my world
Where winters are cold
Summers are hot
And we have got fun a lot

My nation is my home
Where I feel save and strong
Where I live and I play
With my family and friends every day

My nation is my history
Which is sometimes worry
Sometimes it is funny, serious, long
And make us always strong

My nation is my friend
I can often depend
My nation is the best
You should come and see it fast.

Monday, 18 January 2010

King Cake - Traditional Portuguese Cuisine- celebration of Epiphany (Pré_Primary school)

Manufacture of king cake and celebration of Epiphany
King cake - traditional Portuguese cuisine
The King Cake is a traditional Portuguese cake, that is eaten at supper, around Christmas (December 25) to Epiphany (January 6) in a clear allusion to them (kings).Round in shape with big hole in the center resembles a crown of mottled and candied nuts.Inside the king cake are mixed with the fluffy white mass: raisins, dried fruit, candied fruit character than the bean, telling tradition that has the right to ask those who desire such a bean in his slice handy (or many Sometimes it is responsible to pay the dinner).

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Our little boys and girls are taking lecture to comprehend real life..

Our little boys and girls are taking lecture to comprehend real life..
Greetings from Eskisehir..
1st Grade Teachers
Sevgi Zafer, Leyla İpek, Yakup Kuyu
Ozkan Demirkol, Hafize Arslan, Nevin Kurt
2nd Grade Teachers
Ömer Alkan, Mine Uyumaz, AH Eden
Birsen Savaş, Hulya Çekiç, Meral Vapur

While Yassoun working on TMWYN

Yassoun working on..

"crazy girl"s work..

another ones...

Greetings from Eskişehir

Aysun Özsanağ

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Logo: Turkey

Slogan: Hungary

"Friends are the most important ingredients of the recipe of life"

Voting results



Congratulations to all, especially to the winners.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Planned Activities 3 - Visits, Trips to the Cultural Regions

This trip was rather intresting for us.

This is the second, but there will be onether in the future. We'll organize trips and visits every month to the historical, cultural and educational places in our region.

The next one will be historical trip, we're going to "Independence War Places" on 23th Jan. I'll send you its photos..

Greetings from Eskişehir / Turkey

Ahmet Kocabey, Vice Principal,

Z. Neptün Has, Eng. Teacher, Yaşar Çakır, Head Vice Principal,

Hülya İncebük, Visual Arts Teacher, Mustafa Ince, "comme ci comme ça"

Sebahat Ateşmercimek, Ferah Çelik, Gülseren Yalınız